How I combine 3 productivity techniques together


I’m lazy by nature. We probably all are. There is one side of me that wants to procrastinate and go party. Two years ago I started to use some popular productivity techniques to boost my day. I currently use three productivity techniques together and I like all three. What I really like is that they […]

How to create and update entities in Dynamics CRM 2013


Lately I needed to find a way to create and update records in Dynamics CRM 2013 from external Web API. This is actually easy to do when you use the Dynamics CRM SDK. First, you need to add a reference to Microsoft.Xrm.SDK.dll, which can be found in DynamicsSDK\SDK\Bin\  folder. After this I have created a […]

The Lazy Way to Find Best Web Hosting

best web hosting

The truth is that I am always struggling when I need to choose right web hosting provider. Finding good website hosting provider is not an easy task. Finding great is even harder. I spent countless hours trying to figure out what is the best choice for me. Now I have decided to put all my […]

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