ASP.NET Identity 2.1 implementation for MySQL


In this blog post I will try to cover how to use a custom ASP.NET identity provider for MySQL I have created. Default ASP.NET Identity provider uses Entity Framework and SQL Server to store information’s about users. If you are trying to implement ASP.NET Identity 2.1 for MySQL database, then follow this guide. This implementation […]

Don’t read Non-Fiction, never!


I just read few non-fiction books. I wanted to share my experience with you. After reading few non-fiction books in short period of time I have realized that only a fraction of the information in these books is important. If we apply the Pareto principle to this: 20% of Non-Fiction book produce 80% value of […]

Fixing issue with HTTPClient and ProtocolViolationException: The value of the date string in the header is invalid

When you parse a large number of sites / RSS feeds using Microsoft HTTPClient or WebClient you can get an exception :”ProtocolViolationException: “The value of the date string in the header is invalid” This error usually occurs when you try to access LastModified date in a response. var response = (HttpWebResponse)httpRequest.GetResponse(); var lastModified = response.LastModified; […]

My Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for us – geeks


Inspired by John’s recent blog post Top developer gifts I thought it would nice to create my own Christmas gift list for us – developers. So if you are trying to find the perfect gift for a software developer, programmer or other tech guy, you’ve are on the right place. Check out my gift list […]

Open source In-Memory database architecture

Database Architecture

My friend and I are considering to build In-Memory relational open source database. We have discussed about database architecture and our goals. I’ll try to summarize it in this blog post. We have a few objectives: To create a database using C++. To create a database which will work on Linux, Mac OS X and […]

Simple way to start a developer blog


I will not be talking about reasons why every developer should start a blog. You will have a chance to read more about this in my upcoming blog post. I think biggest barrier that many developers have to begin blogging is just getting started. In this blog post I will show you the best and […]

Will Microsoft SQL Server soon work on Linux and Mac?


Microsoft has recently announced to open source .NET on server side and bring it to Linux and Mac. Satya Nadella certainly brought some changes. However, I think that every shift inside Microsoft has something to do with money. Windows is not only Microsoft’s billion $ business anymore In 2013 we have found out that Microsoft […]

How I combine 3 productivity techniques together


I’m lazy by nature. We probably all are. There is one side of me that wants to procrastinate and go party. Two years ago I started to use some popular productivity techniques to boost my day. I currently use three productivity techniques together and I like all three. What I really like is that they […]

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