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ASP.NET Identity 2.1 implementation for MySQL


In this blog post I will try to cover how to use a custom ASP.NET identity provider for MySQL I have created. Default ASP.NET Identity provider uses Entity Framework and SQL Server to store information’s about users. If you are trying to implement ASP.NET Identity 2.1 for MySQL database, then follow this guide. This implementation […]

Fixing issue with HTTPClient and ProtocolViolationException: The value of the date string in the header is invalid

When you parse a large number of sites / RSS feeds using Microsoft HTTPClient or WebClient you can get an exception :”ProtocolViolationException: “The value of the date string in the header is invalid” This error usually occurs when you try to access LastModified date in a response. var response = (HttpWebResponse)httpRequest.GetResponse(); var lastModified = response.LastModified; […]

8 ways to improve ASP.NET Web API performance


ASP.NET Web API is a great piece of technology. Writing Web API is so easy that many developers don’t take the time to structure their applications for great performance. In this article, I am going to cover 8 techniques for improving ASP.NET Web API performance. 1) Use fastest JSON serializer JSON serialization  can affect overall […]

Simple way to share Dependency Resolvers between MVC and Web API


I had several projects in past using ASP.NET MVC 4 and 5 and ASP.NET Web API that reside in same project. When you want to share DI container between MVC and Web API things can become complicated. Reason for this is because ASP.NET MVC 5 uses interface System.Web.Mvc.IDependencyResolver for implementing dependency resolver and  ASP.NET Web […]

Simple way to implement caching in ASP.NET Web API

This article is not about caching the output of APIControllers. Often in ASP.NET Web API you will have a need to cache something temporarily in memory probably to improve performance. There are several nice libraries that allow you to do just that. One very popular is CacheCow and here you will find a very nice […]

SilverReader – ultra fast Google Reader alternative


One of the side projects I’ve been working on for last three months is SilverReader – ultra fast RSS reader. My colleges and me have worked very hard to deliver you adequate Google reader successor. Today I want to announce that SilverReader is finally available for public. Speed and performance We have fine tuned our […]

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