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Simple way to share Dependency Resolvers between MVC and Web API


I had several projects in past using ASP.NET MVC 4 and 5 and ASP.NET Web API that reside in same project. When you want to share DI container between MVC and Web API things can become complicated. Reason for this is because ASP.NET MVC 5 uses interface System.Web.Mvc.IDependencyResolver for implementing dependency resolver and  ASP.NET Web […]

Unit testing Facade pattern

The facade pattern is commonly used software engineering design pattern. His purpose is to provide simplified interface to a larger body of code. It has several good uses: – Make a software library easier to use and understand, since the facade has convenient methods for common tasks. – Make code that uses the library more […]

Integrating silverlight 3 polling duplex with unity container

These days everybody are using IOC container so I tried to integrate SL 3 Beta(MIX09) Sample chat application that represent how to work with polling duplex with Unity Ioc container. That sample chat application is available for download on codeplex. After looking how to integrate Unity with Wcf I have founded few nice examples. All […]