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SilverReader – ultra fast Google Reader alternative


One of the side projects I’ve been working on for last three months is SilverReader – ultra fast RSS reader. My colleges and me have worked very hard to deliver you adequate Google reader successor. Today I want to announce that SilverReader is finally available for public. Speed and performance We have fine tuned our […]

Request throttling in ASP.NET Web API

Real world scenario When you start to build real world REST API you will surely try to limit access to you API. You can limit number of concurrent requests by using or some other tools. In this post I will try to limit access to my ASP.NET Web API by using my own code […]

ASP.NET Web API Authorization using Tokens

Planning real world REST API When you try to plan how to build real world REST API like other major players like Facebook or Foursquare have you will soon realize that all major players use OAuth 2.0 . ASP.NET Web API comes with support for authorize attribute and that’s nice, but for real world API […]

Force JSON DelegatingHandler for ASP.NET Web API

 Building real world REST API-s When you decide to build real world REST API-s like Facebook or Foursquare and many others have you must think on lot of things such as security, scoping, throttling and similar. One of the first thing you will encounter is need to support various media formats such as JSON, XML, […]

Silverlight 3 FireStarter LiveMeeting Event September 17th

This summer’s biggest blockbuster technology event is coming to Redmond, WA on the 17th of September. Register to attend the Silverlight-3 FireStarter event on Thursday, the 17th of September. We have a stellar speaker line up from the Microsoft roster. We will have Scott Guthrie keynote the event followed by presentations from Tim Heuer, Brad […]

RIA Services July 2009 preview major changes

1) DomainContext class changed significantly One of improvements is adding support for Asynchronous Domain Operations. DomainContext supports three kinds of domain operations : Query, Submit and Invoke . I have example where I call Load method of DomainContext and the asynchronous Load call returns a LoadOperation instance immediately or you can add your custom code […]

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