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Launch event Silverlight 3 and Expression

Watch for launch of Silverlight 3 RTW and Expression Blend 3 RC. For download infomation about Silverlight 3 and Blend visit :

.NET Ria services presentation at Kulendayz 2009

I was one of presenters at Microsoft community conference Kulendayz 2009 in Beli Manastir. I have presented there .NET Ria services. Here is my powerpoints and demos:.Net Ria Services Most of content I have referenced from Nikhil’s and Brad’s presentation from Mix this year.

Integrating silverlight 3 polling duplex with unity container

These days everybody are using IOC container so I tried to integrate SL 3 Beta(MIX09) Sample chat application that represent how to work with polling duplex with Unity Ioc container. That sample chat application is available for download on codeplex. After looking how to integrate Unity with Wcf I have founded few nice examples. All […]

ItemClick event on Silverlight ItemsControl

Recently I have been playing with Rik Robinson’s project called Silverlight 2 Scroller. You can read more about this control on this address : After looking at ItemsControl I have realize that you probobly want to implement click event when user click on your item in ItemsControl.ItemsControl is widely used in Silverlight.I have little […]

MouseLeftButtonDown event in StackPanel and Grid don’t fire every time

Recently I have been playing with silverlight and I came into a situation where MouseLeftButtonDown event is not triggered every time.It is only triggered when I click on child control inside container. One way to fix this is to set background color of container to something.In my example I set my background color of grid […]

How do I prism 2 videos for Silverlight

Bob and Erwin put together a series of videos that tell how to modular Silverlight Application. For more information see Bobs blog.   Creating a solution and adding a module (10 minutes) Composing views (10 minutes)   Implementing a view and using services (22 minutes)   Communicating between views (24 minutes)  

Silverlight chat application using WCF full duplex

Last week I have been started to read about full duplex wcf and his implementation in silverlight applications.I have read tons of articles on MSDN and tons of blog and forum posts. Recently I have found solution for chat application on this blog so I have little modified that application but it is basically […]

MVVM pattern in Silverlight using SLEextensions

In this  article I will explain how to implement MVVM pattern in Silverlight. I was very overjoyed when I was reading my friends article on Codeproject about MVVM pattern in WPF . You can check this article by Miroslav Popovic on I have decided to try implement same pattern in Silverlight .After reading and […]

Styling silverlight datagrid control

This article will explain you how to  modify default silverlight datagrid control look. In this example I have created new silverlight application project and add datagrid control in xaml file.I have also created small class called Person to populate test data.  public class Person { public int ID { get; set; } public string FirstName […]

Silverlight supports fullscreen mode

Silverlight 2 has build in support  for fullscreen mode.This feature can be very interested for building same online game solution or some cool video players or …When we enter to this fullscreen mode everything is hidden including browser frame. We can also resize our application to fit new changed screen size using two events in […]

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