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Unit testing Facade pattern

The facade pattern is commonly used software engineering design pattern. His purpose is to provide simplified interface to a larger body of code. It has several good uses: – Make a software library easier to use and understand, since the facade has convenient methods for common tasks. – Make code that uses the library more […]

VSTestHost hang on Windows 7 RTM

I have Windows 7 RTM installed and Visual Studio 2008 with SP1. After writing some simple unit test and run it I have got VSTestHost.exe not responding error. First I have thought that is Windows 7 error. I have looked and find some hotfix and if you have some similar problems I suggest to try […]

Unit testing private methods yes or no?

I am beginner at field TDD. Recently I have conversation with Dror Helper  should I test my private methods or not. After I have talked with him and little reconsider I thing we don’t need to test private methods. If we need to test private methods we can do this trough public methods that call […]

SqlException class does’nt have public constructor

I am currently preparing 3.5 course so I try to throw SqlException in one of my examples and realize that SqlException class is sealed and has no public constructor. I have found solution on Rido blog how to create SqlException using reflection.         public static SqlException CreateSqlException(string errorMessage, int errorNumber)         […]