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WPF Validation using Validation Application Block Part 1 – Server side

If you are interesting to learn more about Validation Application Block you can always download Hand on Labs about VAB: In these labs you will find very good explanation about using VAB integration with WCF, but what if you are manually creating proxy instead using add service reference? In this article I will show […]

Integrating silverlight 3 polling duplex with unity container

These days everybody are using IOC container so I tried to integrate SL 3 Beta(MIX09) Sample chat application that represent how to work with polling duplex with Unity Ioc container. That sample chat application is available for download on codeplex. After looking how to integrate Unity with Wcf I have founded few nice examples. All […]

Silverlight chat application using WCF full duplex

Last week I have been started to read about full duplex wcf and his implementation in silverlight applications.I have read tons of articles on MSDN and tons of blog and forum posts. Recently I have found solution for chat application on this blog so I have little modified that application but it is basically […]