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WPF Validation using Validation Application Block Part 2 – Client side

This is second part of my article where I talk about Validation in WPF using Entlib Validation Application Block. First part of my article is located on this location : There are many articles about client side validation in WPF. Most of these articles are similar and use implementation of IDataErrorInfo interface on Model […]

Screenshot your WPF application

Often we need a way to capture picture of UI. For example if error occurs in our application we can take picture of UI and send this picture in error report. Usual way in windows forms is calling Graphic.CopyFromScreen method. This way is not work very well in WPF. If we have some transparent controls […]

WPF Validation using Validation Application Block Part 1 – Server side

If you are interesting to learn more about Validation Application Block you can always download Hand on Labs about VAB: In these labs you will find very good explanation about using VAB integration with WCF, but what if you are manually creating proxy instead using add service reference? In this article I will show […]