All developers should drink more water

We have all heard this many times: “You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day”.

The main problem is that almost nobody drinks that much of water per day. During the years working as a software developer I have seen that especially developers don’t drink enough water.

Developers need to drink even more water than regular people. I have realized this by playing chess. After playing chess for an hour without a break, I started to feel really thirsty.

It seems that when our mind in on fire it needs more water.





My personal experience not drinking enough water

I have usually started a day with a cup of coffee. Coffee has diuretic effect – this means that it may cause the need to urinate.

When I do programming I am totally focused and concentrated on that and I don’t have the need for drinking water.

During my working hours I usually might have a glass of water with my lunch and maybe one after my second coffee.

Later in the evening I might have one after dinner.

It might look like that this is plenty, but actually it’s not nearly enough.

We do have one of these water machines in a hallway at work, but I almost never used it because it requires me to get up and walk away from my desk.




My Symptoms of Dehydration

After years not drinking of enough water I have started experiencing following symptoms:

  • My face started looking exhausted and old with more wrinkles.
  • I started having a poor digestion with experiencing slight pain in the liver when eating something difficult to digest.
  • I have also started to experiencing slight pain in the liver when drinking more that 2 small beers per day or when drinking more that 1 coffee per day.

It took me a long time to realize that my problems are directly related to dehydration. When I realized that, I decided to start experiment with drinking more water.



How much water should I drink a day

That is the first thing that crossed my mind. I started to Google and find out that I need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

As an experiment, I started to carry out 1 bottle of 0.75 lit of water to the work.
I bought this nice bottle I highly recommend.

Klean Kanteen bottle

I tried to force myself to drink more water.

Also, I started to drink a cup of green tea instead of coffee every morning.


My results

After 1 month I have realized that I am almost every day returning home half of the bottle. I didn’t feel the need to drink whole bottle.

After 6 months of doing this I have found that I have started to drink more that half of bottle per day. I started to feel better and my digestion was slightly improved.


I put 1 bottle every evening beside my bed and this was the turning point.

After started drinking water before sleep, I started to feel much better.

Today I drink a whole bottle of water at work.

My benefits of drinking more water


  • My face started to look fresh again
  • My digestion has improved (also related to more physical activity)
  • I feel better and have more energy
  • I lost some weight

Yes, it’s that time where I normally ask you to contribute with something. Leave a comment below and let me know if you had similar problems?


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