VSTestHost hang on Windows 7 RTM

I have Windows 7 RTM installed and Visual Studio 2008 with SP1. After writing some simple unit test and run it I have got VSTestHost.exe not responding error. First I have thought that is Windows 7 error. I have looked and find some hotfix and if you have some similar problems I suggest to try […]

Screenshot your WPF application

Often we need a way to capture picture of UI. For example if error occurs in our application we can take picture of UI and send this picture in error report. Usual way in windows forms is calling Graphic.CopyFromScreen method. This way is not work very well in WPF. If we have some transparent controls […]

RIA Services July 2009 preview major changes

1) DomainContext class changed significantly One of improvements is adding support for Asynchronous Domain Operations. DomainContext supports three kinds of domain operations : Query, Submit and Invoke . I have example where I call Load method of DomainContext and the asynchronous Load call returns a LoadOperation instance immediately or you can add your custom code […]

Launch event Silverlight 3 and Expression

Watch http://www.seethelight.com/ for launch of Silverlight 3 RTW and Expression Blend 3 RC. For download infomation about Silverlight 3 and Blend visit : http://geekswithblogs.net/tkokke/archive/2009/07/09/silverlight-3-downloads.aspx

WPF Validation using Validation Application Block Part 1 – Server side

If you are interesting to learn more about Validation Application Block you can always download Hand on Labs about VAB: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=2C34A9CB-17CF-4AEC-8DE6-EEACBBB74413&displaylang=en In these labs you will find very good explanation about using VAB integration with WCF, but what if you are manually creating proxy instead using add service reference? In this article I will show […]

.NET Ria services presentation at Kulendayz 2009

I was one of presenters at Microsoft community conference Kulendayz 2009 in Beli Manastir. I have presented there .NET Ria services. Here is my powerpoints and demos:.Net Ria Services Most of content I have referenced from Nikhil’s and Brad’s presentation from Mix this year.

Integrating silverlight 3 polling duplex with unity container

These days everybody are using IOC container so I tried to integrate SL 3 Beta(MIX09) Sample chat application that represent how to work with polling duplex with Unity Ioc container. That sample chat application is available for download on codeplex. After looking how to integrate Unity with Wcf I have founded few nice examples. All […]

Unit testing private methods yes or no?

I am beginner at field TDD. Recently I have conversation with Dror Helper  should I test my private methods or not. After I have talked with him and little reconsider I thing we don’t need to test private methods. If we need to test private methods we can do this trough public methods that call […]

ItemClick event on Silverlight ItemsControl

Recently I have been playing with Rik Robinson’s project called Silverlight 2 Scroller. You can read more about this control on this address : http://www.wintellect.com/CS/blogs/rrobinson/archive/2009/01/22/yngwie-malmsteen-syndrome-silverlight-2-scroller-revisited.aspx After looking at ItemsControl I have realize that you probobly want to implement click event when user click on your item in ItemsControl.ItemsControl is widely used in Silverlight.I have little […]

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